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Robinson Crusoe
By Daniel Dafoe
Submitted by Group 2
Class B

He was born in the year 1632 in the city of York. His mother's family name was Kreutzneur, but they always called themselves Crusoe. So, his name was Robinson. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but Robinson was set going to the sea. His father ever said to him, "If he stayed at home, he would have all that he could one". His father wanted Robinson not to think of living home.
One year later, he was in the seaport of Hull. He sailed to London with his friend on first September 1651. He had been at sea for six day when they came to Yarmouth. On their eight day at Yarmouth the sea was so high that several waves come over the side of the ship. The weather become danger, so captain sent out signal for helping. Then, there was a lightship help them.
In London he made some very good friends. One of them was the captain wanted to go to there again and the captain invited him to join. Robinson accepted the captain offering and on the voyage with him. Robinson carried forty pounds of toys and other articles. This voyage made him both a sailor and merchant. After this voyage, the captain died. Robinson gave two hundred of his three hundred pounds profit to captain's widow. In the voyage to the canary island, a Turkish pirate ship chased them. They killed three of Robinson's men and wounded another eight. They were all taken as prisoners. The captain of Turkish pirate ship made Robinson as his slave. The captain of Turkish pirate took him to his home. Then, the captain went to sea again, Robinson kept the captain's garden and
do the work in the house. The captain of Turkish pirate came again, Robinson was sent to live on board of the ship to guard it. One day, Robinson and servant "Xury" run away with boat. Then, they met Portuguese ship and got in to the ship. The ship went to Brazil. He lived four years at Brazil. After that, Robinson and three companions sailed again. When he and ten companions were on a small boat, there was huge waves behind them. It broke the boat and they were struggling in the sea.
Robinson was wrecked in an island. All of his companions died. He made a raft to take foods and tools on his break ship. He founds two pistols and two guns, some powder of horns, two rusty old swords, European and Brazilian money worth about thirty six pounds in all. He made a tent that was on the side of the hill, which was sheltered from the sun until the evening. He didn't want to lose all of time. Unless, had some sort of calendar. He landed on the island September 3 th 1659. In his lonely life, he had two cats and a dog from the ship.
On the 15th of June, He• began to explore his island. He found melons and grapes were growing in the valley when spring.
His clothes began to drop to pieces. Then, he made clothes from the goats skin and made a canoe from a big tree. When he was walking at the beach, he found skulls, hand, feet, and bones. It was now December in his twenty year later. He saw the light of fIre on the share. They was the ftrst time that the savage had come to the island. He saw nine savages sitting round the fIre, they killed prisoner for eating. Robinson was so angry and he will killed them if they were to came again. Many months later, he hear the
sound of a gun and he could see a ship. He made a good fIre on the top of the hill to give a signal to the ship in the morning that the ship had been wrecked upon the rocks. How he was disappointed he was and how sad for those who had lost their life. Ifthere were one or two men sti11live from that ship. He thought and he would have a companion to talk to. He had been here alone for a long times.
One morning, he saw that there were fIve canoes on his side of the island. He knew that fIve or six man at ashore. He took his gun and telescope. He climbed the hill to see what could discover about the party. They ate the prisoners in one of the canoes. Mean while the other prisoner was left by himself were ready to kill him too. He help the poor prisoner and he fIght with two savages and they died. Poor prisoner was very frightened. He become prisoner Robinson's servant in the morning. Robinson wanted to take him and called him Friday. He told his story about his tribe to be killed and eaten.
One morning, he asked Friday to go to the seashore to see ifhe could fme a turtle. When he was doing that, he saw three ships and he said "master ! bad things". He saw nineteen savages and three prisoners were sitting around a fIre. Then, they shoot the savages and fought with them when save the prisoner. He was a Spanish. But, there was savages escaped by canoe. He cut the rope from the prisoner. Friday dose the prisoner, hugh, and kiss him. In fact, the prisoner was his father. One month latter, when Robinson was sleeping, Friday woke up him and said they were come. He jump and got his clothes on. Than, he saw an English ship with his telescope. There were eleven men and broke three prisoners. At two o'clock in the afternoon, he had finished preparing for the night. When the savages were sleeping, he came closing the prisoners. In fact, the prisoner was the captain of the ship. His men have mutinied against him. Robinson gave appointment with the captain of English ship. Robinson said two things to the captain:
• If I gave you a gun you will return it to me and do not harm either to me or to my passion.
• Condition is that if you get your ship you will take me and my servant, Friday to England.
The captain accepted it. Robinson gave three muskets ready to fire. The captain and the companion shoot them. After that, the captain shot the boatswain until died and two boatswain's friends ran away. Robinson Crusoe made the men who mutinied the captain surrender with his tactics. Then, they join with Robinson. The captain now had twelve men in this party. He and Friday were to stay on the island until the ship had been captured. Then, the captain and his mate sprang quickly on boat and knocked down the men and shot the leader through the head. After that, all of the crew surrender. This was the signal that they were succsesfull. In the morning, the captain called governor (Robinson Crusoe as the governor), he said "come and look your ship". Robinson called all the prisoner, explained that he was the governor and he had the power to hung them. The captain sent a boat for Robinson and also asked him to hang. The following morning, the small boat took him and he said to himself that "I had been here for twenty eight years. Than, Robinson gave his sword and his gun to
A. Main Character is Robinson Crusoe
He has round character, he is brave, skillfull, and also spite. Why he is spite? becase of he didn't allow his father's advice about leaving home anymore, but after a few weeks the desire for adventure returned.
B. Minor Characters
1. Friday: He has round character. Friday is innocent, able, have a big responsibility. He has black and long hair, his nose is small but not fat, and he had a very good mouth with thin lips.
2. Kreutznauer (Robinson's Father): He has flat character. He is a discipline man. He gave Robinson a good education and wanted him to be a good lawyer.
3. Robinson's Friend: He has flat character. He is a kind man, good tempered, brave.
4. The Captain: He has flat character. An able man, discipline, hard think. Because when the wind again become stronger, saw no danger.
5. The Captain's Widow: She has flat character. She is wise, kind women.
6. The Pirate of Turkish Ship: Flat Character. Cruel, stem, unfair. The pirates killed three of Robinson's men and wounded another eight.
7. The Captain of Turkish Pirate: He has flat character. He is stem and rude. He made Robinson as his slave.
8. Moor: He has round Character. He is faithful, objective, able. He is also a man with full of trick.
9. Xury: He has flat character. He is innocent, tender, able, faithfully, honest.
10. The Captain of Portuguese Ship : He has flat character. He has a good intelligent, kind, and honest. He gave Robinson all that he had promised.
11. The Captain of English Ship : He has flat character. He is brave and honest. He helped Robinson to leave the island.
12. The Savages: They were bad persons. They were cannibals because they eat human.
13. Friday's Father : He was an old man that will be eaten by the savages.
14. Tom Smith: He has round character. He mutinied his captain. However, he was surrender and helped Robinson.
15. WiIlFrye: He was a bad person, because he mutinied his captain.
16. Will Atkins : He was a bad person, because he mutinied his captain.
The point of view from this novel : Perceptual Point of View
1. On the 1st September 1651
1. Robinson went on board of the ship, which was going to London.
2. On the 30th September 1659
3. Robinson came on shore.
4. 3.On the 15th of June
5. Robinson Crusoe began to explore his island.
6. 4. In the middle of October
7. It began to rain heavily and the weather became settled.
8. 5. Atthe end of December
9. Robinson was able to harvest his crop and gathered in two sacks of rice and two and a half.
10. 6 On the 6th of November
11. Robinson filled the lockers with food and set out his trip.
12. 7. In the middle of May
13. An accident happened which put the savages out his mind for the time being.
14. 8. On the 19th of December 1686 Robinson Crusoe left the island.
15. 9. On the 11th of June 1687
16. The ship reached England after a long voyage.

1. York : Important city in England. It's a place where Robinson's family lived.
2. The Seaport of Hull : It's a place where Robinson started his voyage.
3. Cramer : It's a place when Robinson landed after a ship help his ship.
4. London : It's a place where Robinson made some good friends.
5. The Canary Island : It's a place when a Turkish pirate ship chased Robinson and his friend.
6. Brazil : It's a place where Robinson became a sugar planter.
7. The Island : It's a place where Robinson was wrecked.
8. Cave : It's a place that kept the dangerous prisoners
9. Round House : It's a place where the captain killed the leader that mutinied him.
10. Captain's Cabin : It's a place where Robinson found gun and some ammunition. There were two guns and two pistols, and Robinson took some powder of horns.
11. In The Break Ship : It's a place where Robinson found pistols, guns, some clothes, foods, and some useful tools.
12. In Ashore Island : It's a place where the Spanish will be shoot when they take a rest.
13. Valley : It's a place where Robinson found grapes which he had gathered and to be dry.
The theme of this novel : Adventure
1. Patient is the good way to solve problem.
2. Don't ever think to surrender.
3. One good turn reserves another.
1. Exposition: Robinson Crusoe was born in the year 1632 in the city of York. His father anted him to became a lawyer.
2. Rissing Action : One year later, Robinson Crusoe was in the seaport of hull. He sailed to London with his friend of first September 1651. After eight day their voyage, the sea was so high that several waves come over side of the ship.
3. Climaks: When Robinson and ten companions were sailing in the Guinea coast their ship met two storm and made their ship was broken. Unfortunately, the wind dropped mast. They tried to go to the land by a boat but there was a huge wave come, it lifted the boat and tossed it forward. They were all struggling in the sea.
4. Falling Action: Robison and the companion captured the English ship from the mutiny men.
5. Catastrope: Robinson Crusoe, the captain, Friday, and their companion left island and they went home to England.

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