Wednesday, October 29, 2008


By George Orwel
Submitted by group 1
Class C

A. Summary
In a barn at Mr.Jones' Manor Farm, Old Major, an old pig who is so highly respected, describes a dream he had about a free living for animals from the tyranny of their human masters. Soon after the meeting, Old Major dies peacefully in his sleep. The animals will continue Major's dream. Napoleon and Snowball prove themselves important figures. Animalism is their complete system of thought. Every Sunday morning, all the animals assemble in a barn to do regular meeting and they sing their necessary song titled" The Beast of England ". They make Seven Commandments of Animalism, those are:
1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy
2. Whatever goes upon four legs is a friend
3. No animal shall wear clothes
4. No animal sleep in a bad
5. No animal drink alcohol
6. No animal kill any other animal
7. All animal are equal
One night, Mr. Jones goes into Willingdon and gets so drunk at Red Lion. He comes back in the morning and forgets to feed the animals. The animals are hungry and they rebel. Mr. Jones and men can be chased away from the farm. Manor Farm is theirs and it is renamed Animal Farm.
After Jones is chased away from farm, he spend his time in a pub and tells his troubles to his friends: Pilkington the owner of Foxwood and Frederick the owner of Pinch field. As soon as possible, in October, Jones and his friends arrive in Animal Farm to snatch the
farm again. But Snowball and Friends can drive them away. The battle of Cowshed is the name of that battle.
One day, Snowball announces his plan to build Windmill in Animal Farm but Napoleon disagrees with his plan. Napoleon has own reason, he thinks that building Windmill will waste time. As soon as possible, the Windmill begins to be built. The animals work hard. In November, a storm topples the half-fmished Windmill. Napoleon tells that Snowball is responsible for its ruin. Squealer also tells that Snowball has sold himself to Frederick.
Snowball disappears for along time so Napoleon begins to rebuild Windmill. Napoleon becomes a respected animal. Eventually, The Beast of England is outlawed and a new song by Minimus, a Napoleon's pig poet is instituted.
To get more money for building Windmill, Napoleon sells a pile of timber to Pilkington and Frederick. But finally Frederick tricks Napoleon, he pays it with false money and he plans to attack Animal Farm. The animals can get victory then.
In April, Animal Farm is proclaimed a Republic and Napoleon is elected President.
Napoleon orders a schoolroom to be built for their education. The building Windmill is continued. Boxer, a strong horse, works as hard as he can. Because of his hard working, he fells down and hurt, Boxer is brought to the hospital. But in a fact, Boxer is sold in order to the pigs can get money for buying whisky.
Year pass, Animal Farm has changed. Moriel, Bluebel, Jessie and Pincher, the dogs are all dear. Jones dies in an inebriates home, the Windmill has been completed and is used for milling com.
In evening, Clover a tout motherly mare, sees Squealer walks on his hind legs and other pigs follow him. The pigs begin carrying whips and wearing Jones clothes. The seven commandments has changed "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".
The pigs realize that they have changed their attitude and they are unable to discriminate between the humans and the pigs.
B. Analysis
1. Theme : the rebellion of animals againts a man
2. Setting
a. Time
• Every Sunday
• In October : the Battle of Cowshed happens
b. Place
1. Manor Farm (Animal Farm) : the Jones farm and the animals live in
2. Willingdon: a city that is near from animal farm
3. Foxwood : Pilkington's field that is large and much overgrown by woodland
4. Pinchfield: Frederick's farm that is small and well keep
5. Red Lion : place where Mr. Jones gets so drunk
c. Situation
1. Calm : the animals listen the ad major's announcement
2. Sadness :
  • Old Major dies
  • The animals die because they fight with a man in the Battle of Cowshed
3. Happiness: -
  • The animals can get the Manor Farm and renamed Animal Farm
  • The animals build the Windmill together
  • The animal farm proclaimed a Republic
4. Surprised : Clover sees that Squealer and the other animals walk on their hind legs.
3. Character
1. Mayor character
a. Old Mayor: the old pig who is respected in Animal Farm
b. Mr. Jones: the owner of Manor Farm, a drunken
c. Napoleon : a smart pig who becomes a president of Animal Farm, good planner
d. Snowball: a smart pig, quick in speech, clever
e. Mr. Pilkington : the owner of Foxwood, hard worker
f. Mr. Frederick : the owner ofPinchfield, hard worker, a tricker
g. Squealer : an intelligent pig, the follower of Napoleon, clever talker
2. Minor character
a. Boxer : a strong horse, hard worker : a stout motherly mare
b. Clover : a stout motherly mare
c. Minimus : a Napoleon's pig poet
d. Mr. Whyrnper : a solicitor living in Willingdon, sly-looking little man with side whiskers
e. Benjamin: the oldest donkey, the worst tempered : the white mare
f. Moses: the tame raven who was Mr. Jones' esp. pet, a shy and a tale bearer, a lazy raven
g. Mrs. Jones : Jones’ wife
All the animals in Animal Farm : they so respect Napoleon

3. Protagonist
a. Old Major
b. Boxer
c. Clover
4. Antagonist
a. Mr. Jones and a man
b. Napoleon
c. Squealer
d. Snowball
4. Plot
a. Exposition: Old major announces his dream to make a free living for the animals. The animals will rebel against a man
b. Rising action: The manor Farm, Mr. Jones' farm, can be owned by the animals. Animal Farm is their farm. They have seven commandments that must be obeyed by all animals
c. Climax : Year pass, the animals change their attitude and break the seven commandments. They walk on their hind legs and wear Mr. Jones; clothes
d. Catasthrope : The animals are unable to discriminate between the humans and the pigs.
5. Moral Messages
a. Dictatorship will make suffer
b. Help each other and never give up
c. The old people must be respected
d. Don't use your smart brain to do bad thing

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